The Pen is Mightier than the Tantrum

Do you ever read something so perfect, just so spot on, you say  ”Why didn’t I write that?”

Well, this New York Times piece inspired just such a reaction in me.

Read. It. Now. It’ll make you seethe over all the insolence and incompetence in the world. It’ll bring up all the times you’ve stood in line listening to two clerks complain to each other instead of ringing up your new shoes, or the time that (as happened to me just days ago) a saleswoman literally turned on her heel and walked away before you’d even gotten out the words “do you have this in another size?”

Most of all, this piece will make you laugh.

Now, a very select few close friends know that every once in awhile, and I mean very infrequently, once in a blue moon, hardly ever, ahem, I feel the need to throw a tantrum when I’m treated badly in a store.

Usually these are not so much tantrums per se, than silent-but-deadly glares, followed up with a phone call to a district manager.

Occasionally, these even net me some swag. I think back fondly on the Stila Cosmetics Crisis of 2004, and the Great Macy’s Coupon Confusion of 2007  (in which the clerk was so confused he didn’t realize he’d be sorry he didn’t honor my coupon, and I, well, cleared up the confusion and found myself with extra coupons and a Guess coat for $83. Okay. So that was an actual tantrum. Anyway.)

My point is, I take being treated well when and where I spend my money, very very seriously.

This writer is my new hero.

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