Jones of the Week

So, it’s still in the planning stages, but I’m thinking what this blog needs is a weekly feature in which I write in excrutiating detail about the frivolous items that I’m currently, well, jonesing for.

These are usually things like necklaces or purses that I really really really want, and really really really don’t need.

The jones usually starts when I see the object of my desire in a store but decide it’s overpriced. Then, comes the tortured internal dialogue. Here’s an example:

ME: I love love love this Amrita Singh powder pink necklace. It would look soooooo cute with a black sweater and jeans.

INTERNAL VOICE:  Seriously? Do you REALLY need another necklace?

ME: Well, no, i don’t need it. But I LOVE it. I already know where I’d wear it.’

(REALLY IRRITATING) INTERNAL VOICE:  Don’t you know the economy is failing? What if you get laid off? Can you eat that necklace?  Continue reading