New Week, New Jones

Well, it’s a new week, which means it’s time for a new Jones of the Week.

In the interest of full disclosure, I first spotted this item on Saturday. I know, I know, techinically that makes it a Jones of Last Week. But that would mean I was jonesing for two things in one week. So I held it for this week. You know, to spread the lust a bit.

So here goes.

The Jones of the Week is, yet again, a purse.  My favorite thing about it is the reddish-pinkish color, which some might describe as ‘coral’ or salmon.’ The bag is sort of in-between the hobo/slouchy look I tend to go for, but it has a bit more of a traditional structure.  Plus, it has this cool brass toggle latch thingy in front.  It’s by this L.A. brand Melie Bianco, which prides itself on making trendy faux-leather bags, and the ‘faux’ part makes them slightly less obscenely expensive.img_0432In fact, I’m thinking this new find may trump last week’s JOW, mostly because it doesn’t cost like 23 times what I think it should.

But permit me to share, if you would: I also learned something interesting about myself in the process of discovering this latest JOW (I know, gag). 

Now, I had not planned to go shopping. No, really. But my bf was visiting and we were walking around the neighborhood after brunch and I remembered that A likes all things hat– cowboy hats, fedoras, bowlers, you name it.

Lucky for us, it so happens that there is this wicked cute hat shop in my neighborhood, called Salmagundi (they don’t have a website, or I’d link to it and give them some free PR) which also sells gadgety accessories for guys (A was eyeing a silver tube-like thing that could function as either a cigar-holder or a flask– how sweet is that?) and of course all the things that go with hats– like bags.

So, while keeping the boy fairly well occuppied, I, ahem, browsed for a bit and discovered the aforementioned bag. I draped it over my shoulder and looked in the mirror. The owner told me the designer had just been on Oprah. I told him I only buy things that have been on Oprah. He laughed. I wandered around with the bag and chatted with my (REALLY IRRITATING) INTERNAL VOICE. 

ME: Cute, no?

RIIV: Sure, it’s cute. It’s also $92.

ME: So? That’s less than $100.

RIIV: You just bought a red purse at the Fossil outlet over Hannukah.

ME: This isn’t red. This is pink. Two totally different things.

RIIV: You have a big expense coming up next week. That’s right. Your dental surgery. Put. Down. That. Bag.

ME: Sigh. But it’s so cute.  A didn’t even notice I was wearing it. He thought it was MY bag, because it’s already such a part of me. 

RIIV: He’s a boy. He wouldn’t notice a bag if you smacked him the face with it. Put it down.

ME: Sigh.

As soon as got home,  I started looking for the bag online. Could I find it cheaper? Did Melie Bianco make a coral-colored bag I liked better? While I was at it, did another company make a coral-colored bag I liked better? For cheaper?

I soon found myself on this journey I often find myself on. Melie Bianco makes dozens of bags. Dozens more companies make hundreds of similar bags. Staring at them on the computer, they all started looking the same, and I didn’t like any of them.

I realized that jonesing for the Jones of the Week is often as much about the EXPERIENCE of buying said JOW as it is about the item itself. Is it displayed on a mannequin with a cute scarf, as this bag was? Did the owner gives me a little tip, such as ‘This designer was on Oprah last week, you know.’ Can I walk around the store wearing the bag as though I already own it, touching it, opening and closing it, and watching myself in the mirror wearing it.

So, now I’m at a crossroads. Am I really jonesing for this? Or did I just like shopping for it? And, if I THINK I love it, does that mean I really LOVE it? Oh, it’s like 10th grade literature class all over again. I might just have to make a little trip to Salmagundi and visit the bag once more. Just to see how I feel about it.

2 thoughts on “New Week, New Jones

  1. At least you get to lust after things that exist. Imagine you knew that in a few months Melie Bianco was sure to introduce a /new/ bag. A bag much cooler than this one. Fashion experts speculate that it will have a brass toggle that keeps it like 10 times as closed as the current bag’s toggle. Rumor has is that this bag’s color will match with everything. The strap will be marginally more comfortable, all the zippers will slide more easily. And some enthusiasts even think that you’ll be able to just dump everything into it but somehow when you reach in for your wallet you always come up with your wallet instead of your keys or your phone or the package of Extra gum that has only one left. And you really really really need all of that.

    That’s me and the next version of the iPhone.

  2. Your JOW was a big hit with customers this season, and Melie Bianco has just came out with these new bright spring colors that are so IN this season. I love the red and also the teal color Flap Over bag with Turn Lock. They also have a matching tote which I like but it’s a little on the heavy side.

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