Neither Rain Nor Sleet … Keeps This Shopper

Ah well… you know what they say about the best laid plans.

I was in New York this weekend, and before my arrival, I had been very much looking forward to doing me a little shopping at Brooklyn Flea.

Brooklyn Flea is not so much a flea market (I’m kind of squeamish about second-hand clothes, and I’m not much into antique-shopping), as a place for Brooklyn artists to sell their crafts. The Saturday Flea takes place in Fort Greene just around the corner from my bf’s apartment.  There’s also a Sunday one, but it’s in a different neighborhood, and we had plans all day Sunday.

But Saturday. That would be Brooklyn Flea Day.

Oh, I was so excited. I’d been trying to get to Flea for ages, but pesky brunch dates with friends and other New York- type distractions always got in the way.

This time, we were going to make it! We’d set aside the whole glorious day.*

*Our day started with brunch at Rice, where we had this yummy (and gorgeous) black rice and veggie curry dish. I know this isn't a food blog. I couldn't resist. *Our day started with brunch at Rice, where we had this yummy (and gorgeous) black rice and veggie curry dish. I know this isn't a food blog. I couldn't resist.

Visions of handmade earrings and beaded necklaces danced through my head! I counted down the days! (Oh yeah, I was also excited to see my bf.)

But, as the day grew near things started to look bleak. First of all, it was supposed to rain. Hard. Second, Martha Stewart had announced she was going to make an appearance at the Sunday Flea, so many of the vendors decided to ditch the Saturday one.

The Brooklyn Flea website all but said only losers would be hitting the Saturday flea, that everyone who was anyone would be going Sunday.

Now, my bf and I had plans upon plans  on Sunday.  Contrary to popular belief I do prize people above shopping, and was not about to cancel our Sunday plans (okay, so I thought about it, but only for like a fraction of a nanosecond).

So I decided that  true shoppers are not deterred by a little rain and celebrity worship. Off to Flea we went, rain dripping off our hoods and puddles soaking our feet.

I admit, the Fort Greene Flea was empty. What few designers there were huddled under their tarps. Still, you know me! I managed some good finds anyway.


First stop: Wreckords by Monkey, where I bought two cuff bracelets made out of old records. The artist, Patrick, sold me two for $20, a discount earned because A is gregarious and he and Patrick got to talking about healthcare reform (with me interjecting every once in awhile: “Public option? Whatever. What I really want to know is– which bracelet looks better on me?) IMG_0757

I then spent some time keeping dry under the tent run by Birdhouse Jewelry, where I, ahem, tried on almost every piece of gorgeous (and well-priced) jewelry, while my bf patiently helped out the designer by untangling some of the necklaces in her display. After much debate, I found me this lovely double-stranded black-beaded necklace that I plan to wear with, well, everything this winter.

However, looking at the pics of the Sunday Flea, complete with sunshine and Martha Stewart, I am a bit jealous. A sunny day, the market chock full of vendors, and Martha Stewart (I’m not a Martha Stewart worshipper, but I do like celebrity sightings.)

Still there was certainly a bright side to the rainy day. Fewer vendors meant fewer temptations…

3 thoughts on “Neither Rain Nor Sleet … Keeps This Shopper

  1. I’m jealous. The Flea has been on my to do list forever but something always gets in the way. Leave it to an out-of-towner to get there first!I will just have to find a place in my calendar to visit in 2010. Are we all going to shift to “Twenty-ten” (from two thousand and” this coming year??

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