Mullet Over. Get it?


The mullet may have seemed like a good idea for about 23 minutes back in the 1980s. Let’s face it: On the boys from Duran Duran, pretty much anything—including a hairstyle that was long and fringy in the back and short in the front—looked divine, especially if you were a 13 year old girl. But now the mullet has become synonymous with a whole lot of badness. In fact, when I want my hair stylist (to whom I give mad props) to trim more from the back and sides, I say “um, I think it’s still a teensy bit mullet-y,” and she knows what I mean.

The Mullet is Reincarnated in the Form of a Skirt. Yay.

Still, this season someone decided that designing skirts in the shape of the infamous hairstyle would be really smart. Ankle grazing in the back, short—sometimes absurdly so— in the front. I am far from being a fan of this style.

The mullet is also called “business in front, party in back.” The fact that the “business in the front” is knee length makes this mullet skirt not so egregious.

Now, admittedly, word lover that I am, I may just be reacting to the name, the word “mullet” conjuring up all kinds of shudder-worthy images from the 80s. Actually, on second thought, no. Mullet skirts are just ridiculous.

Six Degrees of Mulletness

I will say this, though. There are degrees of mulletness, and the embarrassing thing is that while wandering through Nordstrom the other day, I found myself pausing over a couple of the less mullet-y mullet skirts and having an “I wonder how this would look on me?” moment, which is always a dangerous first step. Something tells me that before the trend has vanished, I may have a mullet skirt hanging in my closet.

I promise I won’t get a mullet haircut, though.

3 thoughts on “Mullet Over. Get it?

  1. This is so funnyy. I totally agree – the term “mullet” is not exactly the most appealing. At first, I didn’t like them either, but then I held one or two nicely-pleated ones up to myself and realized that I may just be coming around to the trend. I love how they can show off your footwear, but how they convey a more casual air than classic pencil skirts – or even knee length ones.

    Great post. I’d love to see how you wear the one that you’re tempted to get, haha.


  2. hilarious- especially given the fact that i am at this moment WEARING a medium brown cotton mullet skirt that i picked up at whole foods. (just read that over and it seems so wrong)

    • I really think there are degrees of mulletness with these skirts, and some don’t look half bad. I’m going to bet your Whole Foods one looks smashing on you. When you buy clothes there, do they just bag them up with the milk and eggs? I’ve never seen that at a WF. What if Trader Joe’s starting selling clothes??

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