Sartorial Literary Moment: Molly Ringwald’s New Novel

I’m just going to put it out there: I own the deluxe “Everything’s Duckie” edition of the 1986 Molly Ringwald movie Pretty in Pink. It is, I would say, in my list of top five—no, make that top three—favorite movies of all time. So it’s with tremendous interest that I see that Molly Ringwald has a written a novel.

I need you now, like I needed you then…

Now, I’m fully aware that of the Molly Ringwald oeuvre, Pretty in Pink was probably not the most popular. To a lot of 80s teens, the redhead will always be Claire Standish, the rich girl who pouts her way through detention in The Breakfast Club. For most, I think she was the overlooked Samantha Baker, whose parents forget her birthday in Sixteen Candles.

But to me she was—and will always remain (high five if you get my reference here)—Andie Walsh in Pretty in Pink.


It’s simple. The clothes. There was Andie, a social outcast. Lonely. Where did she find solace? In beautiful clothes. In great hats and well-placed costume jewelry. She was poor, but also inventive. She refashioned, refurbished, and improvised to build the wardrobe she wanted.  Who among us hasn’t done that?

Anyway, Andie’s—I mean, Molly Ringwald’s—literary debut, When it Happens to You, is getting decent reviews. She has noted, as well, that she drew on the skills she honed while developing her movie characters to create the characters for her novel of interlinking short stories.

Now, I love great books and great clothes in equal measure. So I’m looking forward to Molly Ringwald’s literary attempt. And if a hand sewn pink prom dress makes an appearance in there somewhere, so much the better.

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