Jones of the Week

So, it’s still in the planning stages, but I’m thinking what this blog needs is a weekly feature in which I write in excrutiating detail about the frivolous items that I’m currently, well, jonesing for.

These are usually things like necklaces or purses that I really really really want, and really really really don’t need.

The jones usually starts when I see the object of my desire in a store but decide it’s overpriced. Then, comes the tortured internal dialogue. Here’s an example:

ME: I love love love this Amrita Singh powder pink necklace. It would look soooooo cute with a black sweater and jeans.

INTERNAL VOICE:  Seriously? Do you REALLY need another necklace?

ME: Well, no, i don’t need it. But I LOVE it. I already know where I’d wear it.’

(REALLY IRRITATING) INTERNAL VOICE:  Don’t you know the economy is failing? What if you get laid off? Can you eat that necklace? 

ME: I know, I know. But I just sold a spot to NPR. So I could spend that plus a little extra, and it would only be like I was buying the necklace for like 40 bucks or something.

REALLY IRRITATING INTERNAL VOICE: Yeah, but aren’t you reading a novel about the Nigerian civil war in the 1960′s? Don’t you know what’s happening NOW in Darfur?  Don’t you know that even in our own country people are living in tent cities, like they did during the Great Depression? How can you SERIOUSLY be thinking about buying a necklace? Don’t you have a soul?!?!?!

Needless to say, shopping with me can be exhausting.

So, without further ado, I hereby present you the first-ever Jones of the Week:

The Orla Kiely Multi-Stem Tote.


Now, there is absolutely nothing I need less than a $168 plastic-coated canvas bag. It’s not even leather. And yet, I’ve had my eye on this Orla Kiely cutie since I saw it in a store on Charles Street in Boston, when I was shopping with my cousin in December of –that’s right — 2007.

Every once in awhile I troll Ebay for a bargain, or shop for it at places where I get regular coupons, like Nordstrom– but so far I’ve had no luck.

Now, someone else, someone a bit saner might say: ‘You’ve wanted it for so long, just BUY it already.’ And myself– I’d agree. But what about that Really Irritating Internal Voice?

Sigh… my birthday is next month. I might have to buy myself a present. On the other hand…

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