Jones of the Week: An Update

About a month ago I took the plunge and bought an especially-long-jonesed-for Jones of the Week.

I bought the Orla Kiely mini check stem shoulder bag. I’d been wanting some version of an Orla Kiely bag for going on about three years now. It was time. I bought myself a little back-to-school present of sorts (the best part being, I don’t actually have to go to school).

Wouldn't we be cute together?

I admit, I was nervous I would experience  buyer’s remorse, brought on by reduced purchasing power and high opportunity costs (yes, I took Psychology 101 in college, and believe I failed the final because I was off by one row when I filled in the Scantron bubbles with my number 2 pencil. It’s a memory I try to repress.)

It was certainly possible I would not feel satisfied; that even I, the most intellectual of clothes-horses, would not be able to resist the all-too-human tug of disappointment brought on by finally getting something you really, really want.

Well, I’m happy to report: no buyer’s remorse here. Every time I pick up my Orla Kiely lovely in the morning, I feel a little thrill. No morning after regret. I’m in love.

An update, in case you were wondering. Now, as you were.

One thought on “Jones of the Week: An Update

  1. I shared this post with my wife, and she approves of the purse. :) Over at, we have this silly little Facebook app that lets you share what you’re thinking of buying with your friends on Facebook. Your friends can vote on whether or not they think you should buy it. Check it out. It might save you from that buyer’s remorse! ;)

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