Buying Away the Blues

Just Doing a Quick Size Exchange at Nordstrom. I’ll Only be 5 Minutes. Really.

That’s not me. That is my jacket.
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

I have something I need to confess.

Last week, I self-pity shopped. It was a brief but highly successful retail therapy session that made me feel even better than a gazillion milligrams of Prozac mixed with a bottle of merlot and poured over a gallon of Edy’s Slow Churned probably could have.

It started innocently enough. I had an exchange to make at Nordstrom—one size blazer for another. I’d be in and out in five minutes.

But. Somehow on the short walk from car to mall, I started to feel liked I’d gained 20 pounds in two days. Before me appeared the face of every guy who had ever not texted or called me for a second date. I saw all my job applications in the reject pile on the desk of the editor at my dreamiest of dream jobs.

Then I bought a leather jacket, and I felt much better.

A Quick Lap Around the Store

This is also not me. My jacket, though.
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

I mean, it was the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and all bets are pretty much off when fall clothes are marked down by a third. Plus, it was almost closing time and the store was all but empty. Over the weekend it had been crowded, and wasn’t there the chance that I’d missed something great because someone had planted herself in such a way as to block  my view of the perfect top? Just in case I’d better do a quick lap around the floor.

In my defense, Really Irritating Internal Voice (RIIV), I had been wanting a short black leather jacket for quite awhile and hadn’t had much luck finding one I liked in my price range. But there it was. Not too bulky. Cinched slightly at the waist. Soft, buttery leather. And the thing about the Anniversary Sale is that they show you how much something will cost when the sale ends and how much of a great deal you’re getting by buying it right now!

All is Groovy

So I bought the jacket. And I’ll confess, on my walk from Nordstrom to the car, I felt much sunnier.

Yes, I know. Research shows shopping likely affect brain levels of dopamine, which controls, among other things, mood. And yes, I am pretty sure buying that jacket gave me a boost akin to a runner’s high. And while I realize this is not supposed to be how you deal with your problems, I will say that my sunny mood carried me into the next day and helped the 20 pounds and years of rejection disappear. I’m not a shopping addict (really, people, I’m not), but every once in awhile….

So I use retail therapy to cure sadness. How bad can it really be if I admit it, right?

7 thoughts on “Buying Away the Blues

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  2. I reckon, if you’re going to be spending money that you probably shouldn’t be, then jackets are always good (much more wearability than, say a dress), and leather jackets are surely the epitome of timelessness, right?! It’s gorgeous, I’m not surprised you were feeling good after spotting that one! Congrats on making the LALM list this week :)


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