Hunter Boots Keep Me From Becoming a Homicidal Maniac

When it is too warm for Brooklyn to stay a giant sheet of ice, the borough turns into a massive slush puddle. Step off the curb, and you’re ankle deep in gritty ice sludge mixed with — well, never mind. Suffice it to say, New Yorkers are super-into their dogs — and topped with a film of oil.

That’s why I’m glad that when I moved here exactly one year ago, one of the first sentences out of my mouth was  ”If I have to trudge to and from the subway in the rain and snow, I’m buying the Hunters.”

I had been having a debate with my Really Irritating Internal Voice for more than a year now. Yes, I jonesed for a pair of the knee high rubber rainboots, and even got so far as to ponder whether I’d buy them in a sleek black or a cheeky silver. I loved the fleece welly socks you could buy to line the boots, with red, striped, or even leopard-print cuffs. But still, $115 for rubber boots? Fine, you have warrants from the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen of England for “keeping royal feet” dry for generations. That’s great, but I’ll just work on avoiding the puddles.

Wrong. Turns out that accidentally stepping in a murky puddle can really ruin your day. When your feet are wrapped in soggy trouser socks, you are suddenly a much less pleasant person to share an office with. Trust me on this.

That is why, ever since I caved and ordered these completely waterproof boots, I have been a much more reasonable person.

This winter, they have kept my feet completely dry; lined with the red welly socks, my feet have stayed warm too.

The day after the Christmas blizzard, I hiked around my now-infamously unplowed neighborhood. When I returned an hour later, having at some points walked through snow that reached to my knees, my feet were bone dry.

Now, halfway through winter, I spend what feels like huge chunks of my week slogging through snow piles or stepping in puddles that are ankle-deep. Whenever I get where I’m going, my feet are always dry. I wouldn’t say they are keeping my mood sunny– I am the cranky Ms. Crisis in Denim, after all. But my waterproof friends are doing a good job of keeping me from having a complete winter melt down.

One thought on “Hunter Boots Keep Me From Becoming a Homicidal Maniac

  1. Living in Seattle, I also decided to buy Hunter boots. That said, I discovered that I fit into the kids boots — so they only cost a mere $75. I haven't bought the welly socks yet, but plan on it — especially now that I read your post. xo

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