Make Mine a Double: Gap Men’s Khakis and Jameson

A Boston Globe article this past weekend about stores enticing shopping-phobic men through their doors by offering whiskey and other manly perks reminded me of this one time back when I lived in Phoenix. I was out doing some shopping when I saw a sign in the window of the Gap.

It read: “Try on a pair of men’s khakis, get $10 off any purchase!”

I approached a salesgirl. “So can I try on a pair of men’s khaki’s and get the $10 discount?” I was all set to wage a sartorial feminism campaign a la Gloria Steinem. “Gap gives better discounts to men! I’d call the corporate offices first thing Monday morning.

Jameson Irish Whiskey Bottle Shot GreenBut the salesgirl shrugged. “Yeah, of course. We can’t offer a discount to men and not to women. That would probably be illegal or something.”

So I grabbed a pair of men’s khaki’s off the rack and went into a fitting room. Absurdly, I tried them on, though no one would have known if I hadn’t. Then, I used my $10 off to buy something I actually wanted—a cropped denim jacket and a black and white flowered skirt.

This Globe article made me sigh a bit. I mean, I love me some Jameson, especially when it’s a double. And I’m the one spending money in stores; shouldn’t I be rewarded with a little refreshment? Really, I’d settle for some boxed wine in my usual haunts like Nordstrom or Loehmann’s. Not to mention— any man I have ever met who doesn’t like shopping would rather pony up the bucks for a drink at a bar than try on clothing just for a free drink.

It got me thinking about why no one seems to want to entice women to more typically male past times. How come no one’s offering free mani pedis in the stands at NBA games? How about a cosmo giveaway in the bleachers? Mmmm perhaps a free seventh-inning stretch massage? Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy sports outings even when they don’t have freebies, and of course I’ll shop even without free whiskey—I just bring a flask (kidding, kidding). I just think it would be nice to be wanted and wooed every once in awhile.

One thought on “Make Mine a Double: Gap Men’s Khakis and Jameson

  1. Have you ever gone to Fashion’s Night Out? (That’s a bit misleading since it’s more a collection of events.) Alcohol, cupcakes, and free stuff up the wazoo. It’s great because you get free drinks but terrible because you’ve never had to defend against impulse shopping while drunk. This one salesguy completely talked me into buying a dress in the wrong size that I had no use for.

    [For what it's worth, a lot of sports teams do try to do "girl's night out," but they are usually disappointingly frippy. I like your ideas much better.]

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