Friends and Family Sales: You’re One of Us Now

The other night when I stopped in at Loehmann’s on my way home, a friendly lady at the entrance handed me a coupon for 20 percent off everything in the store. Sale stuff. Non-sale stuff. Expensive shoes. Cheap shirts. Purses. EVERYTHING.

Baby chicks sale sign

Browsing on Pinterest for a “sale” sign I came across this, and thought it was super cute, and somewhat relevant. A little.

Apparently it was their friends and family sale. All stores seem to have these periodically and I’m not sure why they’re called that, but I’m always happy to consider myself a friend—even a relative—of anyone having a sale.

Meantime, as I roamed Loehmann’s, I found myself doing that thing that I’m sure we all do (I’m curious– do you do it to?)… that thing where you’re constantly calculating, and doing it so quickly it becomes automatic. Everything I saw I said to myself “Oh! But it’s not that price! I’d be getting another 20 percent off!”

At one point I even saw a gorgeous brown leather Michael Kors skirt and said “Oh, it’s not really $600. It’s another 20 percent off!”(No I did not even let myself think about letting myself consider thinking about trying it on. Yes it was beautiful. I can’t find a picture. You’ll have to take my word for it.)

I left without buying anything, but I did realize that doing that little mental calculation each time a piece caught my eye definitely made me more willing to have the little dialog with my Really Irritating Internal Voice (RIIV) that went something like: RIIV: “Really?You need another pair of AG jeans?” Me: “Well, the price is great AND it’s another 20 percent off so I’ll just try it on.” Thus, mathematically, I was more likely to walk out with something new (Note: I was intrigued by a long-sleeved, part gauzy, part wool Madison Marcus dress that I might have considered had I needed a special occasion dress anytime soon).

Sigh… what can you do with family?

A tip: This sale lasts through Monday, and I did notice an unusual amount of Rag & Bone, Theory, Marc Jacobs, and Tory Burch. I’m just saying.

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