Ruminations on Cashmere Sweaters

Poor pitiful me. I’ve never had a cashmere sweater. I think the closest I came was a tangerine-colored J-Crew cashmere shell bought at a sample sale more than 10 years ago. I wore it as a tank on cooler summer nights a few times, but mostly it lived under jackets and cardigans.

But a proper cable-knit crewneck? Dare I say, a cashmere sweater set? I’ve only ever been worthy of blends, it seems

But my life is poised for a change this week with the White+Warren sample sale at Clothingline in the Garment District this Tuesday–Thursday, October 16–18. I’m a huge fan of knits by W+W, a New York-based company that makes simple, classic basics, mostly in neutral hues.

Cashmere Goat

Hello, handsome. A cashmere goat.

Cashmere is never cheap, since it takes the soft, fine undercoat of two cashmere goats to produce one two-ply sweater, according to the Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute. (Who knew such an organization existed?) Cashmere pieces by White and Warren, a staple among celebrities, are definitely never cheap.

Meantime, we all know sample sales are hit or miss, so if I don’t score a cashmere piece this week, apparently you can breed and raise your own herds of cashmere goats, the way some people practice beekeeping as a pastime. I’m not kidding. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Though it may not go over well in my 84-unit New York apartment, I’m thinking. So here’s hoping for success at the sample sale this week.

3 thoughts on “Ruminations on Cashmere Sweaters

  1. I managed to inherit quite a bit of cashmere. Very nice quality, on the whole, though often a moment away from being worn to nothingness. Otherwise, yes, ouch, it seems too pricy for cheapskate me (and I did learn that cheap cashmere reveals itself, by touch if not by sight).

  2. I am happy to say I have one very delightful cashmere sweater, I wish I had ten. I decided this was the year I would buy a few more cashmere sweaters to add to my meager collection, focusing on colors I can wear year round. The spring is cold here, but its not easy to find cashmere then. But the prices are just too high for me. Maybe during the sales? Do tell us how your sample sale went!

    • The sample sale was kind of a bust. I was going to blog about it; nothing to speak of on the cashmere front. All the White + Warren stuff was too expensive. I found a cute skirt by some brand called 2brych and almost bought it, but the girl next to me (communal dressing room) was like skinny as a rail and looked amazing in this skin tight dress, and I suddenly felt blah, and left without buying anything. I’m told Uniqlo has good cashmere sweaters this season and very affordable. I know there are a couple Uniqlos in NY but not sure what other cities they are in. Thanks for reading!

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