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Okay, don’t die of shock, but I didn’t make the The Boston Globe‘s list of the 25 Most Stylish Bostonians of 2009. It’s fine. Really. I wasn’t expecting to. I mean, I was already passed over for the Fashion Boston list of the City’s 100 Best Dressers. I’ve grown used to disappointment.

However, I remain optimistic.

First,  The Boston Globe promises to pick 25 NEW people each year. Plus, the Globe and Fashion Boston lists don’t appear to include the same fashionistas (despite the fact that Globe Media publishes Fashion Boston) though I haven’t scrutinized them as carefully as perhaps I should, mostly because they make me feel so inadequate I can’t bear it.  So that’s 125 new “Most Fashionables” launched into stardom each year.

In addition, census figures show the state’s population growing only slightly, even registering a year-over-year decline not too long ago. There are also reports that young professionals are leaving Massachusetts, probably because they’re sick of shoveling their cars out of the snow piled in front of their overpriced houses. Fewer competitors means more room for yours truly among the ranks of the stylish.

Finally, and here’s really the key, I’m betting in the next year some new “Best Dressed” or “Most Fashionable” or “Greatest Dresser” or “All Around Most Awesome” lists will crop up. This is the DIY era, after all. So the more “Best Dressed” slots there are available in the city, the more likely I am to land on one of the lists.

Even if the list was created by some little blog no one reads….


One thought on “Better Luck Next Year

  1. Do it. Start your own list. You know you want to. Call it something clever, make it very exclusive with specific requirements for eligibility, and next thing you know, people will be clamoring at your door.Or. Or, you could have a contest. Ooh. Have a contest to name your list.Okay, I’m done rambling. :)

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