Hunger Wins Out Over Barney’s Warehouse Sale

Last Wednesday I was abducted by aliens.

You scoff. But really, what else would explain why, finding myself in Chelsea with an hour to kill, I chose to eat dinner instead of going to the Barney’s Warehouse Sale? (The sale ends today, having been extended for one more day.)

I even got past the first security guard and was about to check my bags and make a beeline for the racks.

Then, I heard a voice of admonishment. This time it was not my Really Irritating Internal Voice (RIIV). It was, in fact, my stomach growling.

That’s when I realized that even the most battle-hardened shoppers have their limits. On the outside the Warehouse sale seemed fairly tame on this mid-week eve. But I’ve heard tell tales of elbows thrown and punches narrowly ducked, and I realized: There was no way to do the Warehouse Sale on an empty stomach.

So I admitted defeat, Yelped the nearest sushi bar and ordered some maki.

I guess it’s easier to just say I was abducted by aliens, than to admit I couldn’t brave the Barney’s Warehouse Sale.

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