Are You a Saver or a Wearer?

The world is divided into exactly two types of people.

Wearers and Savers.

Let me explain: Sometimes you buy something new, and you have to put it on within seconds of swiping your credit card. You in fact are so excited, that after paying for your new top you make a beeline for the changing room, rip off the shirt you’re already wearing (just barely managing to close the door first), and emerge wearing your just-made purchase. If you DO manage to make it home in your old clothes, there’s no question about what you’ll be putting on bright and early the next morning. If this sounds at all familiar, you’re a Wearer.

Then there’s the shopper who keeps her new purchase snug in its shopping bag for days, sometimes weeks. This person loves the having of something new as much as she likes the new thing itself. The Saver keeps the bag in the corner of a room, savoring (no pun intended) the sheer knowledge that she has something new to wear. Sometimes she might even try on her latest purchase a couple times before actually wearing it.

I’m a Saver. In fact, as I write this I have a little bundle in the corner of my bedroom containing a dress and shirt I bought in Canada, and a little brown bag with rope handles containing a ring I bought at the Bust Craftacular as my Hannukah gift to myself (no scoffing please, Hannukah is a PERFECT excuse for a little self-indulgence, as is Arbor Day, Guy Fawkes day, and myriad other holidays).

I've been keeping one of my latest purchases in its bag. I'm a Saver. If I were a Wearer the bag would be long gone.

Whether you’re a Saver or a Wearer might have something to do with how you’re raised, or even your genes, my (not at all extensive) research has shown. Dad is a Saver. He holds on to a new pair of shoes, or a sweater, for weeks before wearing them. Mom, on the other hand, is a Wearer. She claims this is because her own mother made her be a Saver when she was a girl. My friend Nurse V is the same way; I have in fact met her for shopping and dinner, when she’s worn one thing for shopping, and something entirely different for dinner.

Not to get too psychological, but to me, once you open the package, a little bit of the excitement of having something new ebbs away. Once you start wearing it, after all, it’s no longer new. No?

Anyway, I want to hear from you. Are you a Saver, or are you a Wearer?

21 thoughts on “Are You a Saver or a Wearer?

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  2. I used to think all girls were Savers until I met one who wasn’t. I usually like giving my new clothes a chance to get acquainted with their new friends in the closet. So I’m a saver, I guess. I also like to come up with the perfect outfit for the new item’s debut and that can take months….

  3. Original take on it and led me to realize why I am a wearer. I don’t like new clothes and don’t feel they’re my own clothes until I know all their idiosyncracies and can summon up how they feel on and work with other clothes.

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  5. Wearer, by your definition. However, I don’t randomly shop. I have a list of items I want, and if I have the means to purchase something on the list, it will go into immediate rotation. Not quite changing into it in the dressing room… Although with shoes, I’ve sometimes done this. Usually, I’ll wear something I purchase the next day or in the next few days.

    I once bought a shirt I wore that evening to work, but I was going to be changing any way…

  6. I am a saver. As i was reading this i noticed all the shopping bag i have in the corner… Partly my reasoning of being a saver is i LOVe packaging just as much as the things i buy. I’m glad i’m not alone.

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  8. I’m mid way between the two but probably closer to a saver. Whenever I buy new clothes I get home and put them in their place (be it the wardrobe or the jewelry box.) I keep them there until the occassion is right which could be a day or it could be a month.
    Brilliant post! I love your blog x

    • Interesting that you put your new things away in their right places. For me, part of the fun is having the items in their bags for awhile. Thanks for reading and for your nice words.

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  10. That’s so funny! I’ve thought about it before, but I like how you labeled it ‘savers’ and ‘wearers’. I’m definitely a saver; occasionally I’ll wear something right away and feel like a rebel which is weird haha. Like “oh, I’m so wreckless, I didn’t let my clothes sit in my room for a week before wearing them”..

  11. I will often put on new clothes in the car. The only thing I save are dresses, but only because I’m a Pants Woman. Though I usually don’t change my pants in the car.

    Never mind.

  12. I’m glad that this article didn’t go in the direction of saying that one was better than the other. I’m a little bit of both. Some clothes are just more functional then others, however; saving for months to years would make one a hoarder.

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