A Public Display of Affection For A Fave Local Boutique

So this post is an outright plug for a store I really really like, Mint Julep. In fact, I daresay it is one of my favoritest of all favorite stores.

I have no problem giving Mint Julep a bit of free advertising because it is the kind of boutique where the people who work there are beyond nice, and helpful, to everyone who walks in the door. Even when, ahem, a certain customer spends an hour browsing the sale rack only to leave without buying a thing. I won’t name names.

Also, several staples of my wardrobe come from there, including all but one of my summer dresses.

So here goes. This is an awesome deal. Believe me. Twenty percent off everything. EVERYTHING.

So if you see a crazy blogger speeding by in a black Corrolla at 5:59 p.m. on Friday, either get out of the crosswalk fast, or hitch a ride, because that’s most certainly where I’ll be headed.

Mint Julep Flyer

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