A Day at the Outlets: Part 1

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Mom and I do a big outlet trip every year in the fall. It’s sort of become our thing.

And the way we plan for it and coordinate and juggle our work schedules and even pack for it (I like to make sure I have tights in case I want to try on skirts, boots to try on with jeans, jeans to try on with sweaters– you get the picture)  you’d think we were setting out for the Galapagos Islands to see some giant turtles, instead of for the outlet mall some 40 minutes south of Boston.

The trip usually generates some good stories (one day I’ll tell you the leaving-my-car-keys-in-a-random-bag-I-tried-on-at-Banana Republic-then-didn’t-buy-story). And there’s something about the anticipation of dozens of potential fabulous finds waiting to be found, that gets us really excited.

Navigating the outlets is no easy feat. There’s a lot of wheat to be separated from chaff.

This year we were also distracted by a family illness and almost didn’t make it. Still, we re-worked and rescheduled yet again and managed to keep our annual retail appointment. It’s sort of our thing now, and we didn’t want to miss it.

A lot of trying on takes place. A lot.  Thank goodness the Saks outlet provides actual supermarket-size grocery carts.

A grocery cart! Full of clothes! Way better than a grocery cart full of paper towels and Diet Coke and baby carrots. Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I had the patience to fill a grocery cart this full in an ACTUAL grocery store.

Oh, and because I know you were wondering, we totally scored, though the number of purchases we made at the Saks outlet paled in comparison to the number of things jammed into that cart.

My mom bought two Saks brand long-sleeved waffle weave t-shirts for about $15 each. I bought a pair of skinny blue JBrands and a black and white-checked blouse.

We celebrated our purchases at the Lindt chocolate outlet, of course. It’s part of the tradition, after all.

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